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As stress levels rise above 50% of yield, the friction factor increases, limiting downhole makeup. Full hydraulic joint efficiency is maintained allowing joint shoulder faces to mate completely without standoff or deformation. For invert or high-pH muds, use JET-LUBE® EXTREME®. For wedge-type thread connections, use NCS-30® ECF™ for best thread-wear protection.


The highly refined, low pour point oil used in the production of our grease ensures brushability at low temperatures as well as the necessary oxidation and thermal stability at high temperatures. Aluminum based greases offer the additional advantage of superior adhesion to wet steel surfaces and resistance to water wash-off.



Provides positive protection for rotary shouldered connections under severe drilling conditions where the probability of downhole make-up is anticipated.



  • DOT Approval CA2004080025
  • NFS Registered H2

Kopr-Kote Oilfield

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