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Oilpro, the LinkedIn for the oil & gas?

The oil and gas now has an industry specific networking website. Oilpro is the professional networking site for the oil & gas industry and is built specifically for knowledge sharing. You can find news and trends, interact with your peers and if you would like you are able to share your experience and expertise.


Network, Publish and Q&A

Oilpro is perfect for oilfield professionals to network. People and relationships are what make business go round, especially within the oil and gas. Up untill now it was hard and time consuming to maintain connections. You might already be present on networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, all great networking sites, but none of them have a focus on our industry.

Oilpro is also great if you would like to share your wisdom and experience. You can easily write a post and publish it on your profile or answer questions asked by the community in the Q&A section.

Online CV

Instead of just stating you worked for company X on jobsite Y, on Oilpro you can connect to the actual physical equipment and field you worked on. So if you are/were a driller on the Discoverer Inspiration. Simply find the rig on Oilpro and state your role on that rig, get credited for the work you did there and connect with the colleagues who also worked there. You can also add pictures, stories or experiences you had on board of the facility.

Once you have established yourself on Oilpro and you are searching for new opportunities within the oil and gas. Oilpro is also a free resource for all oil & gas professionals to explore and discover new job opportunities. Search for jobs by keyword, skill, location or employer to find the job that is best for you.



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